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Welcome to Site Safety Manager
Site Safety Manager is an innovative company that specialises in providing Health and Safety services and support to companies across a range of industries. We aim to help our clients: Reduce the cost of health and safety compliance. Provide peace of mind, enabling companies to focus on their core business. Ensure compliance that is proportionate, cost effective and relevant to the working environment. Provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment. Provision of Site safety Manager’s Health and Safety services is led by Gerry Sharpe. Graduate Member of IOSH, Member of the International Institute of Risk and safety Management and an Accredited Associate of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, and The Institute of Industrial Accident Investigators. Gerry has extensive experience as a health and safety consultant in the Engineering and Construction Industries.
Our Health and Safety Management Services - From £360 +vat per year
Site safety Manager’s services, which range from bespoke Health and Safety training through Health and Safety Audits to acting as your competent person or providing a fully outsourced Health and Safety Service, are customised to the business and organisational requirements of our clients. Our services include: Health and Safety Audit and Inspection - Employers’ have a legal duty to create a safe and healthy working environment. site safety Manager’s Health and Safety Audit addresses all relevant aspects of Health and Safety management and workplace risk. The comprehensive report that is produced following the audit provides a road map for full compliance with all relevant legislation. We can act as your approved Health and Safety Adviser for only £360 + vat per Year
Health and Safety Policy
It is a legal requirement for employers with more than five employees to have a written health and safety policy. This in turn facilitates formal arrangements to effectively manage workplace risks. The Site safety manager's Health and Safety Policy and Procedures Manual is a fundamental and integral part of the Health and Safety management process. Health and Safety Management - Site safety Manager recognises the business and workplace benefits of adopting a holistic approach to Health and Safety Management and Business Risk Management. Our policies and procedures are developed with this in mind and to ensure your organisation is fully compliant with all relevant and current legislation.
Types of workplace hazards include: Safety hazards; e.g., inadequate machine guards, unsafe workplace conditions, unsafe work practices. Biological hazards caused by organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. Chemical hazards caused by a solid, liquid, vapour, gas, dust, fume or mist. Ergonomic hazards caused by anatomical, physiological, and psychological demands on the worker, such as repetitive and forceful movements, vibration, temperature extremes, and awkward postures arising from improper work methods and improperly designed workstations, tools, and equipment. Physical hazards caused by noise, vibration, energy, weather, heat, cold, electricity, radiation and pressure.
Workplace Risk Assessment
Identifying potential hazards and managing risks to health and safety is essential in ensuring a safe working environment. Risk assessment is fundamental to all health & safety requirements and standards. Arinite can assist you in carrying out risk assessments which are proportionate to your working environment.
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